Welcome to DC Guard Tower

DC Guard Tower was made in 2022 by a DC native college student. The hope is that it will improve individual's access to information about their communities. This project is a one person operation but it was made in the hopes it would be valuable for people. If you would like to contact me please email leo@email.dcguardtower.com. This email is a forwarding address, so you may not get a response or you may get a response from a different email. I will see the email no matter what, though. Feel from to contact me with questions or concerns. Please remember that DC Guard Tower is not affiliated with the DC government or any of its entities in any way. Thank you again! I hope you find this useful in some way. Please share it with friends or neighbors if you do.


May I use the DC Guard Tower API?

No, this is a private API with CORS headers set to only allow requests from this address. The data used is publicly available from the DC Government Open Data website.

What sources are used?

Data is pulled from the DC Open Data website